How you can grow psilocybin mushrooms?


I’d also like growing greater than 1 strain, nevertheless, as of yet, have not discovered a supplier in the location of mine which could permit me to order somewhat more than one strain of shrooms, if anybody knows of each vendors of any kind of psychedelic mushrooms or other strains of shrooms in the UK that might possibly be useful, please feel free to tell me. I would have an interest to hear any of the suggestions of yours on any specific things I may have to consider before I start raising the shrooms, any assistance or advice on equipment also is welcome.

Hi there, first of all I should thank you for starting this thread, I was just searching through the forums and saw this thread and thought this is actually a useful thread to get started, therefore thank you. My name is Alex, I’m from East London, hence the closest supplier to me is London that is about a 1 2 hours drive for me, I assume I am going to be in the position to get at the very least one strain from there, but I am not sure yet. I am not sure how to raise the shrooms yet, I am going to read through this thread and often will update with the findings of mine soon.

Thanks once again for your suggestions and help. P.S: I don’t believe that it’s correct to call them psilocybin mushrooms, as I think they do not have some psilocybin, they are called psilocybe, I think that is what you meant by psilocybin, but don’t quote me on this particular. I’ve learned of individuals growing shrooms with very little increase room, just in common drawers and a fridge, this’s not advisable, you don’t wish to keep your shrooms in an area where they’re constantly subjected to light, they have to progress in a dark room.

The fastest way to grow shrooms is in a grow room, the grow storage space is a dark area, with only a light bulb to give light. I do not think you need in any special equipment for developing shrooms, all you will need is a grow room, and the supplies to grow shrooms. There are actually a few things to think about, you will need to keep the shrooms at a regular temperature, they shouldn’t be able to get way too cold or extremely hot, it’s perfect to have them at a constant temperature, therefore you don’t have to worry about them when you’re far from the grow room, this can keep them happy and healthy.

It is really important to keep the moisture up, when the moisture is minimal, you might find that the shrooms start to rot. Thank you for your assistance. Hello, thank you for the reply of yours and the link, I am really going to explore the link, it’s awesome to learn there are lots of men and women growing shrooms nowadays, as this is something I’ve always planned to do without having it been ready to, I’m happy to finally have a thing I are able to do.

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